Otterbein University’s Division of Business Affairs hosted a town hall on Tuesday to discuss where the university stands on its Campus Center renovation plan. 

The purpose of the town hall was to hear from the community about what the university’s best course of action should be with regards to the Campus Center. 

Troy Bonte, the executive director of facilities management/planning, urged faculty members to discuss with their departments’ vice presidents and voice their opinions before the university decides on a plan. 


Bonte presented three possible plans of action moving forward. 

Option A is a complete renovation of the Campus Center, having an $18 million price tag and taking 18 to 20 months to complete. Bonte believes that this plan would put a massive financial strain on the university. 

Option B is a phased renovation on the Campus Center in which the phases would be completed based on the financial capabilities of the university at the given time. This plan is estimated to take 24 to 36 months and could cost more than Option A.  


Option C is to create a completely new, stand-alone dining hall which would cost $6 million and is estimated to take 12 months to plan. Bonte said that the pros of this plan are a reduction of disruption to student life and a reduction of maintenance on the Campus Center. 

According to Otterbein Student Government President Casey Rife, the student fee that was approved last year and set to take place this year was not implemented. 

Concerns arose after the presentation about Option C, because if it were put in place, it would postpone renovations on the current Campus Center.