Otterbein University will host the fourth Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 15 and 16.

University President John Comerford announced the decision to students yesterday, just hours after its coverage on national news.

“I believe that higher education has a large role to play in the preservation of democracy, so it is an honor for Otterbein to be part of this event,” said Comerford in an email announcement. “We are excited to share Otterbein’s remarkable campus and community with a global audience.”

The decision has already sparked interest from several students on social media.


“I am physically unable to contain my excitement for this incredible opportunity,” tweeted one student.

“Any word on how students can grab tickets?” said another student.

Students interested in attending the event can click here to enter a ticket lottery sponsored by the Ohio Democratic Party.


The University has previously hosted several Republican presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008.

Otterbein was also the host site for former Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s final State of the State Address to the Ohio Legislature last March.