The entire vibe of Otterbein changed as the 12 Democratic candidates arrived on campus before the debate. 

Students and members of the community lined the sides of Otterbein’s streets to show their love or hatred for particular candidates. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters were out in full force, with people passing out buttons and signs. 

Jason Edwards, a representative of Ohio for Bernie, said, “I feel like Bernie’s got the best chance to beat Trump in the general election.” He went on to discuss how Bernie brings in a large spectrum of voters, such as independent voters and moderate Republicans, as well as the staunch Sanders supporters. 

Protestors were also out in full force. There were Trump supporters, abortion protesters, and even a few planes flying around with signs in tow. 


Jim Flaningan, a protester on campus, said he was there to stand up for second amendment rights. “Some of the candidates, I think, are trying to trample on [the Bill of Rights],” said Flaningan.

A group of people supporting unions and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour marched down Main St. with megaphones, signs and homemade drums. 

Supporters for most candidates were either walking around on campus or in Uptown Westerville. As stated, Sen. Sanders was largely represented, but so were Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and  California Sen. Kamala Harris.