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Katie Frame


Loopholes in Greek Life recruitment leave some PNMs vulnerable

As fall recruitment winds down, members of Greek Life find themselves reflecting on what went right, what went wrong, and what just simply did not happen. For some chapters and potential new members (PNMs) alike, the topic of "dirty rushing" and "suicide rushing" are hot on everyone’s minds.  First, ...


Otterbein announces layoffs of two tenured faculty

Two tenured Otterbein faculty members will be laid off after the 21-22 academic year, a move that faculty leaders say is a violation of tenure. President John Comerford said in a March 9 email that two tenured faculty positions would be eliminated after the 21-22 academic year.  Physics professor ...

Rho Kappa Delta

Otterbein’s seventh sorority was lost to history

  While today six sororities are dotted around Otterbein’s campus, 40 years ago there was a seventh sorority that was in play. Rho Kappa Delta, or Arcady as they were referred to around campus, was founded in 1917, the same year Otterbein University became Otterbein College.  Greek Life ...

Campus Center Activities Fair

Editor's Blog: Farewell for now

As of today, T&C Media is wrapping up our not-so-normal spring semester.  For a first semester as editor-in-chief, I never expected it to go this direction. However, both the beginning of the semester in the Communications Building and the end where we all went our separate ways thoroughly ...

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