Students in Ohio over the age of 18 needed to be registered to vote by Feb. 14, 2020 to submit votes in person or by absentee ballot for the Ohio Primary Elections on March 17, 2020. 

Out of state students are welcome to travel to their state and vote, but if that is not an option there are alternative solutions.  

Absentee voting is the most common method for an out of state college student. Absentee voting is efficient for students out of state because it allows them to cast a vote without traveling to their home state. Absentee voting varies depending on the state. For Ohio students, the last day to request an absentee ballot is Saturday March 14, 2020, at 12pm. Out of state voters can visit their state/territorial election office website to see the absentee deadlines. 

During the 2019 Democratic Presidential Debate, hosted at Otterbein University, senator Cory Booker explained how he planned on engaging young voters. “All the great social movements, have been when young people recognize their power. Didn’t wait for middle age people to tell them what to do, and led, led, led. Because you are, of all the people alive right now, you’re going to be dealing with the impacts of policy longer than anybody," said Sen. Booker. 


College students are encouraged to vote in all elections to voice their opinions through the polls.   

Some local poll locations near Otterbein’s campus include: 

Sugar Grove Square 


530 S. State St., Westerville, OH 43081

Annehurst Elementary School 

952 W. Main St., Westerville, OH 43081

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church 

100 E. Schrock Road, Westerville, OH 43081