The Otterbein University Senate has approved the proposed photography minor that will be available for students by fall 2020. 

Some photography department members were concerned some foundational courses would not be offered because of how large the minor would become. Uwe Trittman, chair of the Curriculum Committee, said, “Other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward addition of a minor with the course listed and no additional staffing.”’

The senate approved a proposal that suggests courses on the catalog that are not often taken by students be put into a “limbo,” and a department would have to request for it to be added back to the catalog. Trittman said, “If that does not happen after six additional semesters, then the course would be eliminated.”

This year’s undergraduate commencement speaker will be Tanny Crane, and she will receive an honorary doctorate. Tanny Crane is a successful businesswoman who has worked her way up to be the CEO of The Crane Group.  


The senate approved the motion to discuss the Strategic Priorities and they will be further discussed at the Board of Trustees meeting this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. 

The senate also approved three proposed bylaw changes that include changes to committee membership, the creation if a sub-committee for the planning committee and to change the term for faculty on the Academic Heard Board. These bylaw changes will be voted on during the next senate meeting, which will be March 11.