Video Production is a mandatory class for journalism and media communication students at Otterbein University. It is a hands-on class that teaches students what goes into creating a video clip for a news segment or a YouTube video. With COVID-19 affecting universities across the country, professors must find new ways to teach college students how to design, shoot and edit video projects. Often times, students would get the chance to announce sporting events or operate the cameras for the games, but with no fall sports at the moment, new mediums of instruction must be developed. 

At Otterbein, social distancing and frequent cleaning is the new normal. This has led university professors such as Mike Moon to develop a sign out process for equipment that allows the students to continue to gain hands on experience with video cameras. 

While some leeway has come with the new normal during the pandemic, students are finding unique ways to shoot video such as using their iPhone or Android to get the video they need for projects. Learning the basics has taken a new direction as well with classes being taught online at the beginning of the semester with the hopes of incorporating socially distant classroom time later in the semester. Video Production is just one of the many classes at Otterbein that has shown the determination, ingenuity and passion for learning held by professors and students alike.