George "Skip" Ford is Otterbein's athletic equipment manager. With help from Skip's student crew, they wash and sanitize the Cardinal's uniforms and equipment. During the fall semester, they will clean football, soccer, and volleyball. In winter, they will do basketball, wrestling, and indoor track. Spring semester, they help the lacrosse, softball, and baseball teams. Ford and his crew take care of the dirty laundry, but they also assist with everything that needs addressing in Otterbein's athletic facilities.

Ford helps set up for all the athletic events. He prepares the communication from the sidelines to the press box for the coaches. Ford escorts the officials to and from the field. He “mic’s up” and provides hospitality to the officiating crew for each game. His crew installs the goal post pads and goal pylons for football and sets the field flags for soccer. Ford sets the team benches and chairs in their appropriate places on the sidelines, along with staging trash cans and attending to last-minute housekeeping tasks. Ford ensures the scoreboard and PA systems are operational and functioning properly before each game for the announcers.