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Editor's Blog: Until next fall

Hopeful that fall of 2021 will be 100% normal

On this last day of April, T&C Media has finished their coverage for the semester.

I just finished my first semester as editor-in-chief, and as I reflect on the past handful of months, I am glad I got to experience what it was like working for student media. I was fortunate enough to be given such great, diligent reporters who produced quality stories, despite dealing with the lasting effects of COVID-19. We were able to write stories that dealt with the expansion of Otterbein and Braun Farm, tenured faculty layoff and the overall strategic plan that was set out by President Comerford. 

I would like to thank Katie Frame for helping and taking on this challenge with me. She truly is a great student, reporter and person. I always look forward to working with you and really appreciate the help you gave me over this past semester.

I also would like to thank Dr. Hillary Warren. She is someone I also look forward to working with. Every time we talk, I learn something new. I appreciate your patience and help, as well as your trust and faith you have in me to run T&C Media. You have motivated me to be a better student and reporter ever since I took my first class with you. 

This past semester, T&C Media expanded the way we disseminated content. I want to personally thank both Hannah Brown and Hannah Wiedlebacher for their willingness to try something new. Thanks to the two of them, our audience can now receive content through a newscast, video or the website. I look forward to carrying out what you two have started. 

As our content will be on hold for the summer, I encourage you to read a few stories that are on the website. Bridget Oder wrote about Otterbein women’s sports coverage and how it differentiates from the men’s. Amy Hissrich wrote about how high school seniors are still applying to colleges, despite COVID-19 affecting the process. My colleague Katie Frame also wrote about how faculty-led study abroad courses will resume in 2022. 

I look forward to next semester. I feel like we will be back to normal – no masks, no social distancing, and normal reporting opportunities.

I hope everyone has a great summer.

Go Cards.

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