With the beginning of spring comes the topic concerning every student’s mind: scheduling. This season, however, changes will be coming to the course catalog that will effectively merge classes together, making a class seem to “disappear.” 

Many students did not even know that these changes were coming and voiced their concerns.

“I have not heard about the changes coming to the courses,” Addison Lozinak, a psychology major said. “My main concerns are making it harder and more costly to graduate.”  

Eve Nogueras, a biochemistry and molecular biology major, said she was unaware when asked if she knew about the changes that are forthcoming. 


“I know each professor has so much that they do, and if its two courses put together and they're having the same workload," she said. "I feel like that would put a lot of stress on students... to retain all of that knowledge.” 

While these changes may sound stressful, David Schneider from the Office of the Registrar aims to relieve the tension. 

“There may be things forthcoming that haven’t officially been approved, yet a lot of times proposals are in the works, and they just take a while to get [to the catalog].” 


Schneider continued by detailing what the university does to protect the student’s degree process. 

“Essentially, requirements will never be added to a degree program," he said. "It’ll either be waived or taken away because it’s no longer offered, or it might be substituted for something else, like if the course has changed somehow.” 

Fall 2022 scheduling begins March 21 at 7:00 a.m.