Photo by Rachel Hughes

The vacant field located to the south of The Point on Cooper Road is going to stay vacant for the time being.

"We had a vision of creating another vibrant community there," said university President John Comerford. "The university would be in the middle of this great walking district with lots going on. That was the vision, that was why we decided to get involved."

Despite intentions to develop the land into a lively area for students and faculty, Otterbein University has decided to sell the 40 acres of land which would have made up "Campus West." The area was set to include amenities such as a COTA transit hub, shopping areas and apartments.

The university still owns another 25 acres of land, also located on Cooper Road. The university hopes to build another academic building similar to The Point in the future. 


Comerford said, "we have other property acquisition targets there so that you'd end up some day with three, four, five buildings to give it a much more campus-y kind of a vibe."

Christa Dickey, the community affairs director for the City of Westerville said that the city and the university did not get further than the partnership discussions.