Photo by Logan Folian

As another school year comes to a close, Otterbein University’s Student Government (OUSG) needed new representatives from the student body to fill positions. The ballot forms for the spring election were sent out early in March, and the results are in. As of March 27, 2022, the new occupants of the positions are as follows. 

President of OUSG: Timmy Wotring 

Vice President: Matthew Lanning 

Secretary: Claire Sauer 


Treasurer: Mary Liddle 


Academic Senators: Bella Amico and Wes Utsler 


At-Large Senators: Madi Kiraly and Lukas Patel 

2nd Year Senator: Brooke Caldwell 

3rd Year Senators: Abigail Lacanilao and Elliot Heye 

Residency Senators: Sarita Pattisam (Commuter), Harrison Eckels (Off-Campus) 

Student Org. Senator: Maggie Prucha (Creative & Performing Arts) 

“We’re most excited about making students more aware of campus resources that they might not have heard of,” OUSG’s new Vice President Matthew Lanning said, “We’re also excited about having a change-driven attitude as an exec [executive] team, and as a student government body as a whole.” 

With their goals being set on information and being more inclusively oriented, the new OUSG team is ready to show the community what they can do. “We’re really hoping to leave a lasting impact," Lanning said, "We’re not here just to make temporary changes.”