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Otterbein and Westerville home to a variety of entertaining and accessible activities

Activities include eating ice cream and visiting museums

Are you ever looking for something to do while on campus? Here are some activities you can do around campus that are affordable and available to anyone younger than 21.

Uptown Westerville is a ten-minute walk from campus, and it offers numerous shops and restaurants. On a sunny day after class, you can walk to get ice cream at Graeter’s, Dairy Queen, or Whit’s. If you enjoy history, Uptown has a Westerville History Museum that shows the legacy of the community. 

“My favorite thing to do in Uptown is get ice cream at Graeter’s with friends, it is really nice to walk around Uptown because there are so many things to do,” said freshman Bailey Zanella. 

On campus Otterbein has a thrift shop available for students to donate or buy affordable new things. The thrift shop is only open throughout the school year, and proceeds go towards scholarships for students. 

The Hanby House is a historical site on campus, a house museum that depicts the lifestyle of a family in the 1850s. The house also represents the social, moral, educational and artistic sides of Westerville, Ohio.  

At Alum Creek Park on Main Street, you can play sand volleyball, basketball and go sledding in the winter. Also, if you enjoy sports or theater, students can get free admission to games and shows during the fall and spring semester. 

“I enjoy going to different sports games on campus, the Clements Center and Rike are cool places to get friends together and do something active like basketball, futsal, and lifting,” said freshman Lauren Alley. 

Although Otterbein is a small campus, that doesn’t mean you can’t find something to do alone or with friends. Whether it’s after class or on the weekend you can be sure to find places close to campus.

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