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Recreational sports come back to student life at Otterbein

The sports management program has created two new leagues: basketball and cornhole

For the past few years, Otterbein's recreational sports outlet has been dormant. However, Otterbein’s sports management program has started to develop two programs for all of their students to partake in.

Starting this fall, two leagues were created: a three-on-three basketball league and a cornhole league. 

“A lot of students that we have heard from have been eager to have more activities like recreational sports on Otterbein's campus. It is our goal to start the league back up and encourage students to participate in a fun, competitive atmosphere,” said Jackie Adler, a junior who is the president of the sports management club.

Jake Brown, a sophomore student, and sports management club treasurer, shares a positive outlook towards keeping a bright future to a continuing recreational sports presence. 

“We are hoping to continue bringing in a wide variety of students with different majors and years,” Brown said. "This year you can expect to see a well-run and organized league that will look to improve with more participants as well as more experience.”

Being a smaller school, campus involvement amongst students is always a highly sought-after goal. “The main goal for our department bringing back intramural sports is to bring a fun and competitive environment to the students at Otterbein,” Brown said. “This offers that same opportunity for students who do not participate in sports for the school but still have an interest in them.”

Adler shares similar opinions on how recreational sports can continue to be a part of Otterbein in the future.

“We hope this to be the start of recreational sports here for semesters to come and hope to get more students involved and even offer different sports,” she said. “I think we will have a better turn out in the spring once we have this fall league under our belt and know what we can improve upon for the next time.”

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