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Bi-weekly pay for students to begin in fall semester

Students explain pitfalls of current monthly-pay system in anticipation of change

According to the Feb. 3 Board of Trustees Report, bi-weekly pay for students was confirmed by Student Trustees Yasmeen Khafagy and Madelyn Nelson, who confirmed with Vice President for Business Affairs Susan Bolt to implement the change in the fall 2023 semester.

This is a significant change in student pay, which has historically been on a monthly cycle. Students have found this payment method to be untimely and inconvenient, especially after having to submit timesheets for approval and wait until the 10th of the following month for a direct deposit.

Freshman business analytics and accounting major Grace Cook said, “[monthly pay] was just really inconvenient. It’s hard to wait a whole month for money and to like be able to budget consistently because other things come up.” 

“I was part of student government and we had started those [bi-weekly pay] conversations with the fiscal advisor,” said sophomore early childhood education major Claire Sauer. “I like [the change]. I think that it’s good for students. We talked about how a lot of students have to like pay rent on the first, and when you get your stipend, it’s just like the timing doesn’t match up, so bi-weekly pay would help those students a lot.” 

Editor's Note: T&C Media reached out to Student Trustees Yasmeen Khafagy and Madelyn Nelson for comment, but refused to comment.

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