The Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee reported future ventures to increase diversity, inclusion and awareness at Otterbein at a Senate meeting on April 5. This is in result of student demonstrations last year.

Members of Diversity and Inclusion met with the Integrative Studies sub-committee to restructure the integrative studies program and include a diversity element into the curriculum.  

“The work of diversity and inclusion does not lie on one person or department, but on all of us,” said Bob Gatti, vice president of Student Affairs and dean of students.

James Prysock, director of the Office of Social Justice and Activism, revealed several projects to distribute information on diversity to Otterbein students. 


The projects that Prysock and the Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee have in mind are projects to make more information available to anyone at Otterbein. One project is through residence hall programming, by using bulletin boards inside of residence halls to disperse information. In addition, a makeshift "yellow pages," which includes a complete guide of up-to-date resources on campus, will be available for students, faculty and staff. Finally, the multicultural worship center, located behind the Center for Student Success, was recently renovated and its grand opening will be in the fall. 

“It was really great to be a part of the process for that change in the future,” said Prysock.

Scott Fitzgerald, director of Human Resources and Title IX coordinator, reported that one of the changes in Otterbein’s hiring process will include increasing the diversity of faculty and staff applicant pools.


Wendy Sherman-Heckler, associate vice president of Academic Affairs and chair of the campus conversation sub-group, spoke on the equity and inclusion website. It is a website for information on diversity and events happening on campus. A multi-year strategic plan for diversity and inclusion is also available at the website.

“Diversity is everybody’s job here. It’s easy for it all to fall through the cracks when it’s everybody’s responsibility,” said Sherman-Heckler.