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<p>The next activity for incoming freshman Jacob Russel was to attend the activities fair held in the Campus Center.&nbsp;</p>
The next activity for incoming freshman Jacob Russel was to attend the activities fair held in the Campus Center. 

Editor's Blog: Farewell for now

We'll be back, on-campus or otherwise, at the beginning of fall semester

As of today, T&C Media is wrapping up our not-so-normal spring semester. 

For a first semester as editor-in-chief, I never expected it to go this direction. However, both the beginning of the semester in the Communications Building and the end where we all went our separate ways thoroughly impressed me in both the morale and the talent of everyone writing and editing for the website this semester. We had some great stories written about Greek life, theater, esports and even a food critique of the new OtterDen. The creative ideas of the people on staff and in the classes are what make the content we produce so unique. 

I’d like to thank Jacob Russell, Adam Sauter and Emma Wardell for sharing the experience of being on staff during a pandemic with me. It was rocky at times, but we got each other through it. I can only dream of what we would've gotten into in New York City if this all hadn't happened. I’m excited to work with you all in some capacity in person (hopefully!) next semester. 

All of T&C Media has to thank Dr. Hillary Warren, our adviser. Despite us all being somewhat scared of you at first, we've grown to admire you as a professor, an adviser and a person. Thank you for pushing us to do things we didn’t think we could, and I’d like to personally thank you for always arguing about grammar with me, even when we both know I’m more than likely right. 

As for the website, it’s dressed in its best summer attire. The stories will be promoted on social media throughout the summer until we start bringing fresh life back to it in the fall. For now, check out our fall sports preview, all our spring sports wrap-ups and our look at Otterbein University Student Government’s new president and vice president. Oh, and if you really miss Java Central, we have a story on that too.

Stay healthy cardinals. 

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The Wild Card Weekly Rewind with Alina Baer 3/30/23
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Tune in to this weeks' Wild Card Weekly Rewind for an update on sports at Otterbein as well as an update on Otterball.

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