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New anti-hazing policy takes effect at Otterbein

Colin's Law has led to stricter penalties for hazing

The death of Colin Wiant and Stone Foltz due to hazing incidents led The Ohio Department of Higher Education to pass Collin’s Law to prevent hazing at colleges and universities. 

Otterbein University’s anti-hazing policy is aligned with the Ohio Revised Code for hazing. Different components of the requirements have different expectations for implementation, with all components fully in place and implemented by orientation this coming summer.

Ashley Secord, assistant director of programming for the Center for Student Involvement, says, “the mandates stemming from the updated legislation apply to all student groups, including sororities and fraternities.” 

“In addition to sharing out the university’s anti-hazing policy, the university has additional expectations and requirements for education, training, and programs about hazing for student groups, and faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers who work directly with student groups,'' Secord said. 

Otterbein’s Greek Life has started supporting this change as it was introduced in the Ohio state legislature last spring. 

“With new expectations, there are new challenges," Secord said. "Our focus will be to educate and communicate with students and student groups, as well as faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers, why the changes are occurring, why they’re important, and the expectations moving forward." 

There is a group of staff at Otterbein who have started the initial process to identify what steps the university needs to take to ensure Otterbein is aligning with the requirements from this updated legislation.

Collin’s Law is implemented in all colleges and universities, giving hope that hazing will come to an end so students can enjoy student involvement in a healthy manner. 

“Otterbein takes hazing very seriously, and supports the updated and expanded Ohio State legislation on hazing," Secord said. "Our ultimate goal is for students to have a safe and positive experience, where students can learn and apply knowledge and skills from the classroom."  

The Wildcard Weekly Rewind with Ellie Newman (April 27, 2022)

On this week's rewind, hear about The Promise House Swipes Program and Hannah Brown's thoughts on racial equality at Otterbein.

Here's Ellie's Top 5 Things to Look Out For:

1. Thursday, April 28: The Doggie Destresser will be located outside the Otterbein Library from 12-1pm

2. Friday, April 29: The COVID Testing Center closes

3. Saturday, April 30: Women's Tennis will be competing against Mount Union at 1pm

4. Saturday, April 30: Softball will be competing against John Carol at 1pm and 3pm

5. Saturday, April 30: Baseball will be competing against John Carol at 1pm

Have a great summer! Tune in again during fall semester for more Wildcard Weekly Rewinds!

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