Photo by Julia Kelley

Otterbein University's Theater Department puts on A Lie of the Mind, a play of dark humor and powerful drama. 

A Lie of the Mind is a really interesting piece of theater because it somehow manages to tell a dark, twisted story with humor that doesn't discount the grit. The actors are challenged to keep the energy up for a rather long play that does not have a break in the intensity.

As Otterbein still faces Covid-19, the theater department still manages to put on a play for the university. While still following covid-19 protocols, the theater department managed to keep everyone safe and entertained.  

“Obviously, masks are a big challenge right now with maintaining the integrity of the makeup.  When I am working on an actor, they are permitted to be unmasked just for the duration of creating the look,” said Cassie Perlatti, a junior BA in theater. “They must be masked when offstage, so it was a challenge to make sure that their makeup did not smudge underneath. I was able to find ways to keep the makeup looking fresh and also complete touch ups when needed."


The play is taking place at Otterbein in the Campus Center Theater, on October 21st- October 30th. The show times are 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. 

"I'm excited to get the audience's reaction to the play.  It is something to see in development but when you add an audience it lights a fire under the actors and creates a completely different show,” said Perlatti.