Photo by Rachel Hughes

With spring coming around the corner, Plan-it Earth will be featured at the multi-event festival hosted by Otterbein's Center for Community Engagement to increase involvement and educate students on bettering the environment.

Plan-it Earth is a club and activist group at Otterbein that organizes projects every year to raise awareness amongst the community about sustainable living. This spring, the club is hosting the Cardinal compost challenge. As a part of the challenge, they will partake in the SEEDS Festival organized by the CCE on March 31 from 2:30-4:30 p.m.

“The mission of it is to engage the community,” said freshman club member, Phoebe Gibson. “Its original purpose was getting the campus community involved, and getting volunteers working, but it’s all-around environmental activism.”

Students can expect an afternoon of environmentally friendly activity stations, such as tie-dying t-shirts with natural dyes as part of the booth at the Battelle Fine Arts Center quad. With composting never having been done on campus before, it would be a good student-based learning opportunity, said club member Tess Gallaspie.

Everyone is welcome and able to take part in this educational event promoting plant life and composting.


“We’re always wanting and welcoming new people that want to learn,” Gallaspie said. “At the end of last semester, we decided the best way that would educate and get people involved is to create a compost challenge between frat houses and apartments.” 

Fraternity and sorority members who participate can count that time toward their volunteer hours. Any other students who attend can receive INST/FYS credit. Plan-it Earth is also handing out free items to those who attend. 

“You will definitely learn something new.” Gibson said. “You’re going to learn either a fact about the environment or learn something that you never knew could be composted before.”