Between the sheets: Post-coital contraceptives

For those who haven’t had the misfortune of purchasing or using it, the Plan B pill is a post-coital form of contraceptive that is meant as an emergency means of protection.

Thumbs Up, thumbs down: February 15, 2012

Up: We whined and they listened. Quesadillas are a “special” in the OtterDen until Friday. So stock up, ladies and gentlemen. Up: Free movie night is this week.

Between the sheets: piercing pleasures

Men have been modifying their bodies since the beginning of time, whether it’s a rebellious teenager getting a tattoo or lip ring or self-proclaimed professional freak Erik “the Lizardman” Sprague’s full body transformation.

Six ways we abuse social media

Hiding Behind the Screen We call these people the keyboard warriors, cowards or trolls. We are all familiar with those who gain confidence when they sit behind computer screens and keyboards, thinking that they’re untouchable while saying malicious ...